About the Writer


Sara Caleca
Divorce Coach

I am a 40 year old, single mother of two beautiful, teenage daughters.  We live in Michigan but hope to move to one of our country’s warm weather states after both girls have graduated.   My interests and passions include inspiring others, learning,  traveling, cooking, eating, listening to music, reading and watching movies.  I put my faith and my relationship with God above all else though.  It is through Him that the ashes in my life have been turned to beauty, and I am so thankful!  It is for this reason that I became a divorce coach.  I want to share with others the tips I have learned through many of my own life experiences and through the experiences of others of how to get through divorce and not become stuck in the mindset of it.  My goal is to help all of those that come to me reach a place where they live a fulfilling and joyful life aside from the circumstances they may have found themselves in!   I am extremely excited about this opportunity and the chance that it is giving me to coach people and to share stories that will hopefully inspire and help others through the difficult times in their lives.  It is something that has been on my heart for years, but had every excuse in the world for not doing it.  The stories and the desire in my heart could no longer be contained and I am finally getting it started!  I hope that everyone is as encouraged by it as I am!

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