I am on a quest to get myself healthy and to feel better in my day to day life.  I currently work at a holistic health practice and my boss has me cleansing and replenishing with herbs and minerals.  I have begun doing yoga (mildly) and I meditate all the time.  Adding these things and making these changes has improved my overall quality of life very noticibly but I always knew I was going to need to change my eating habits to take it to the next level.

I’ve decided that now is the time to make some changes to my diet and alter my eating habits some.  One of the things that I started doing a week ago is waiting to eat until I am actually hungry, like when my stomach starts to growl.  Before, I would start eating because it was supposedly meal time or because something smelled good or I was just craving something.  It’s funny how eating can be such a psychological stumbling block at times.

Now, you’ve heard me mention that eating is something that I truly enjoy and cooking is like a wonderful, relaxing therapy for me, so that being said, trying new things doesn’t scare me.  The thing that makes me apprehensive is being told I need to cut certain foods out of my diet…foods I really like.

I watched a documentary last year about how meat and dairy products cause all sorts of health problems and inflammation in our bodies.  This documentary promoted eating a whole food, plant based diet.  I tried this diet for a solid three months and stuck to it.  I lost some weight, which was awesome, but what was even better was that I felt AMAZING!  My energy level skyrocketed which is huge for me.  I’ve always been a kind of low energy type of person. After the three months was over I started to slowly incorporate meat and dairy into my diet again, hoping that I wouldn’t undo all of the work I had just accomplished with my help…I don’t know what I was thinking.

The sluggishness came back and my lack of desire to do anything also came back.  I was disappointed but for some reason just kept right on eating how I was, even though I knew I could make a change and feel better.  For whatever reason it was really hard to motivate myself into starting the whole food, plant based diet again.

Starting at the holistic practice and focusing on my health and daily habits set me back on the right track.  I really started paying attention to foods that would promote healthy digestion and was reaping the benefits of that.  Now, cutting back on meat and dairy hasn’t seemed so bad.  I haven’t cut it out completely, which was the trick for me.  As long as I know I can have it whenever I want I don’t seem to want it as much, but when I do decide to eat it I don;t feel guilty about it.  It’s all about balance.  I pay attention to how my body feels and make decisions based off of that.

Are there any of you that are vegetarians or vegans?  What were some of the motivations that helped you to make the switch?  I would love to hear of any of your favorite recipes.  I’m always looking to build my recipe book! 🙂