So, I have mentioned in the past about my career in social work.  I was never a fan of it.  You could even sometimes hear me talk about how much I hated it!  Social work was never a field that had even entered my mind to work in.  I had kind of fallen into it due to the degree I have.  I possess a Bachelors in Psychology, which cost me a ton of money and made me feel really good when I got it.  I was planning on heading straight for my Masters degree in Counseling and was planning on owning my own counseling practice as soon as I could.  Well my divorce brought a screeching hault to that plan, which in hind sight I realize was a good thing.  When I imagine myself in the field of counseling I could almost laugh at what a poor choice that is for myself.  I am not a fan of a lot of interaction with people, I prefer more alone time, which some think is weird.  I tend to feel very drained when I am around people for a long period of time and I usually need to be alone or close to it for a recovery period.  Lol!  That’s me!  So imagine me having to sit and listen to people talk about their issues all day…every day.

I’m so happy that my plans were thwarted and derailed.  I was then able to take a step back and really start getting to know myself for the first time and I realized pretty quickly, after a few jobs, that I wasn’t happy with, that I am better suited working in a more solitude environment.  As I was working in the jobs that I was unhappy with I would pray that God would bring me the job of my dreams.  I even made a list of what this job would look like.  The list mentioned a high salary, having employer that I respected, give me the opportunities to be creative in my own way, give me freedom in my schedule…among other things.  I prayed fervently for this “perfect job”, much like I pray for my “perfect man” to come to me when the time is right.

I can see God stretching and growing me by leaps and bounds right now.  I no longer feel stuck, like I have in the years past.  I feel like I am right where I need to be and learning what I need to learn to bring forth the next steps in this journey of life I’m living.  That being said… I can see that God is preparing me for some things in my life.  He is preparing me for a career, not just a job.  He’s helping to bring awareness to passions and interests that I never even realized I had.  Now I feel like I’m on a quest to learn how to manage my own company, how to better organize and prioritize things for better efficiency, to learn how to utilize my time to get the most productivity out of my day.  These are things that I am extremely focused on currently, which is funny to me because I would have never been interested in any of it before.  I needed to go through a lot to get me to the point where that all seems fun and interesting rather that tedious and boring.

I am now working for a holistic practitioner who in the past has run very successful companies and is now living his dream and fulfilling his calling by helping people heal themselves holistically. He hired me as his business manager knowing full well that I had no experience as a manager, but he has taken me under his wing and is showing me the ropes.  Just  another stop on this journey of life that God has me on.  I am so appreciative to all the stops I have made so far, even the ones that I haven’t liked.  I still learned from them.  I don’t even know where my destination is but I am running full force, trusting that God has me in the palm of His hand guiding me the whole way.

I keep writing, which is one of the new interests that I discovered and never knew I had.  It is extremely fun and also therapeutic for me to just start writing and let my thoughts flow out, or to be writing a creative story.  I always used to say that I didn’t have a creative bone in my body, but it turns out that I had just not discovered it yet.  I remember when I first even thought about writing. I was at the store and I saw an American Girl book that had a bunch of prompts for story writing ideas.  That all of a sudden sounded really fun to me.  I was a stay-at-home mom at the time and was in search of something of my own to do that didn’t involve taking care of people.  I began writing poems and short stories.  I love re-reading those now and remembering how much fun it was to write and I wondered how I never knew that I liked it before.   The only thing I can think of is that multitasking isn’t one of my strong suites, so as I was taking care of my girls and trying my best to be a good wife I didn’t pay any attention to the things that interested me.  I was always a little jealous of people who knew what their passions and interests were.  They always seemed so happy and content which was and is feelings that I strive for.

Beginning this journey with writing is really exciting for me because I have passion and interest in something and it truly brings me joy.    I keep getting all of these ideas now for books to write and I write them down so not to forget.  I have a journal that I keep with me all the time so that when I get an idea I can jot it down.  The pages are filling and that’s a great feeling!  I have an idea for a book series that I am beginning right now and I feel obsessed with it as I’m watching it unfold.  This is seriously fun. 🙂

The point to this post is to encourage you to keep praying for your dreams and desires to be realized.  Take any step that you can toward them, no matter how small, because that small step could be what catapults your toward your destiny.  God wants us to be happy and fulfilled so allow Him to bring those feelings to you.  Stay out of your own way with doubts and negative self talk.  Those desires are in you for a reason so give them a shot and see where they may take you in this crazy life! 🙂