I am not a fan of winter, to say the least.  I live in Michigan and we have some pretty tough, long winters.  I usually complain my way through them and talk about how one day I’m going to move somewhere warm (which I will).  I don’t like the cold, I don’t like the snowy and/or icy driving conditions, I don’t like all the layers of clothing I have to wear to stay warm, I don’t like how dry my skin gets, I don’t like all the static in my hair and clothes all the time, and the list could really keep on going.  I feel there are some people who were meant to live in cold weather climates and others that were meant for warmth.  I’m definitely a warm weather climate sort of gal!


This winter, however, has been pretty mild in temperature.  We’ve had multiple days in a row where the temps are in the 40’s, which is very unusual for this time of year.  It’s overcast and rainy a lot, but no snow!  I still yearn for the hot days of summer when I’m in shorts, a tank top and flip flops every day.  In my last post, No Time Like The Present, I talked about being content with my present life.  Even though I have goals to move to somewhere warm in the future I didn’t want to become so dissatisfied with my current situation that I am in that I don’t notice the good things that are surrounding me.  Just a second ago I took the trash out to the side of the road because trash day is on Monday where I live.  I walked outside and to my surprise it was snowing!  Normally that would have put me in a funky mood and I would start worrying about my daughter having to drive to school on possibly bad roads in the morning and me having to get to work.  Instead of my normal reaction I instead stood still and listened to how peaceful and quiet the night was.  The snow was falling in huge flakes and it was coming down all slow and lazy.  It was beautiful!  It’s funny how a change of attitude can completely change your perspective, isn’t it?


This winter, instead of caving into the winter blues, I want to make this time of year more fun for me.  Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m going to start participating in any winter sports…I still despise being cold, but I can make being inside more fun and ward off cabin fever by finding different things to do.  Ideas I have thought of so far was hosting a game night, decorating the loft I live in to be more warm and cozy, find new recipes to cook, take more time to read, take more time to write, think seriously about writing a book, plan and save for a vacation, start a business….options are endless!  I would appreciate any and all ideas from anyone reading this as well!  I’m choosing to make winter fun so that next winter I don’t have to feel myself start to get depressed as soon as it starts getting cold, but I can remember how much fun last winter was and look forward to the upcoming one!


Michigan may not be where I end up but it’s my home now, so why not make the most of it…even in the winter. 🙂